Falling Skies a Game of Risk

During the initial invasion the "mother ships" brought millions of skitters to earth and they quickly killed 90% of the population. This is when some Falling Skies mythos that isn't touch on in the show all that often begins.

Those mother ships and skitters left the planet, presumably to conquer and enslave another world. This is part of the story that has only been mentioned a couple of times. This strategy of bringing a large force and destroying your enemies defenses and leaving a much smaller force to maintain control seems to be basic military strategy. It is also the strategy many use while playing the board game Risk.

These overlords or perhaps their rulers are playing an intergalactic game of domination. From what we've seen on earth, they play this game well.

The new species of alien may bring some Risk cards to the 2nd Mass and provide some much needed reinforcements. If not, the 2nd Mass and the rest of humanity may be wiped off the map.

The Falling Skies Cast will keep you updated here, on Facebook and on Twitter during this very long hiatus.  We also plan to have a monthly podcast during the break.  Call or text us at (773) 35SKIES or email your feedback to  fallingskiescast@gmail.com.

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