The New Species of Extra-Terrestrial on Falling Skies

Season 2 of Falling Skies ended with the arrival of a new species of extra-terrestrial.  What will this mean for the ragged band of survivors in Charleston?  Has a new ally or a new enemy arrived?  The answer to that question is sure to shape the things to come for The 2nd Mass.

From the few seconds of screen time, this species reveals a space suit/body armor complete with helmet, that was reminiscent of Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe and maybe a little Batman.  Perhaps this alien is from a warrior species; whereas, the Espheni (aka Over Lord or Fish Heads) are slavers bent on conquering planets.

From the brief comments from Ben Mason in the season finale, it appears that the 2nd Mass destroyed a weapon intended to stop this alien from reaching earth.  The old adage says that an enemy of my enemy is a friend.  Perhaps, Tom, Weaver and the rest of the 2nd Mass can work with this warrior species of aliens to begin to reclaim earth.

Adding another group of ETs to Falling Skies will likely create more drama and expand the shows mythos into a larger universe.  Perhaps season three we will see many more revelations about the fish heads, the skitters and as well as this new species.

The Falling Skies Cast will keep you updated here, on Facebook and on Twitter during this very long hiatus.  We also plan to have a monthly podcast during the break.  Call or text us at (773) 35SKIES or email your feedback to
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