Woman in Black Review

Daniel Radcliffe faces the forces of evil once again.
The Woman in Black offers period piece scares in an old haunted house cut off from the rest of the world.

Director, James Watkins, brings Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter from the Harry Potter movies) back to the silver screen as a widowed lawyer, Arthur Kipp, trying to keep his job by settling the massive amounts of legal documents of the Drablow estate.  Mrs. Drablow is a recently deceased eccentric woman and the paper work is located in her isolated and decrepited country home.  The years since the loss of his wife have been hard on him personally and professional, and Kipp has to leave his four year old son with his nanny in London for this assignment.

When Kipp arrives in the small village, the locals do not want him there.  Parents go as far to push their children inside their homes as he walks or rides down the streets.  They begrudgingly offer him the attic at the inn for a night and try to make him go back to London the following morning.  He has to bribe a carriage driver to take him to the isolated home, Eel Marsh House, surrounded by marsh and cut off from the mainland when the tide rolls in.  Kipp soon learns of the deadly secrets being kept in the home and in the small village.

Once Kipp arrives the Drablow home, he dutiful begins his work, but is soon interrupted by shadows and strange noises.  He witnesses many strange things over the course of a few days going to the house and each time he sees the ghostly figure it seems a child dies in a mysterious way back in the village.

The filmmaker creates a dreadfully dark setting with music and sound effects to match and offers many jump scares to startle the audience. Several sequences of the movie reflect more modern horror, but the time period and the use of candle light builds tension in the dark house on dark nights.

This movie is not for kids, due the scares of haunted house story with a few twists.  It is not a prefect scary movie, but it does create a creepy story of a vengeful spirit in the isolated location and builds a mythos around the history of the location and the spirit. 

Daniel Radcliffe does showcase his acting skills in the movie, and the film deserves a soild "B" rating for the frightening atmosphere, character development, and story telling, but the pacing is slow in a few places and the ending was not all that it could have been.
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