Episode 85 - 11.01 Game Preservation and My Nintendo Switch

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The first episode of 2019 is here.  In episode 85 of the podcast, I discuss modern video game preservation, and I discuss the Nintendo Switch and games that I have recently added to my collection.  Do you have a Switch?  Let me know what games do you recommend?

The episode is available now, in Google PlayiTunesStitcher, and the Satchel Player.  I would greatly appreciate your ratings and reviews, on any of those platforms.

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Jimmy in GA
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  1. Great stock. The Game Mod Monster Legends also needs to be preserved. I have seen CoiMobile.com preserve and update them to the latest version by 2020

  2. It's correct. We need to conserve games, so that everyone can play long games but never inferior to the latest free game mods on CHPlay, HapMod, AppStore.