Random City Podcast Episode 61 - 9.05 DC Cinematic Universe

In the 61st episode of the Random City Podcast, the current DC Cinematic Universe (Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad) is discussed leading up to the premiere of Wonder Woman.

Later this year, the Justice League will also debut.  Marvel has had the upper hand in the cinemas for almost a decade, but this could be the turning point for DC movies.

Listen now in Google PlayiTunes or Stitcher!  You can also stream this episode here via the Stitcher play embedded below:

If you would like to share you thoughts about Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad, please contact us via email, voicemail or social media.

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Jimmy in GA is a blogger, host and producer of the several podcasts including The Muppets Podcast with Jimmy in GA, The Random City Podcast, and several others. Jimmy is a life long Muppet and Star Wars fan. Jim Henson and George Lucas are two of the individuals that he looks to as visionaries who have helped to shape not only entertainment but the lives of countless people by inspiring others to create, write, share and perform.
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