Supenatural Season 8 Episode 4 Bitten Recap

The fourth episode of Season 8 of Supernatural "Bitten" had lower ratings than its preceding episode with only 1.86 million total viewers and only .7 million in the 18-49 category.  This episode was a found footage episode very similar to the movie Chronicle, which featured less Sam and Dean than a typical Supernatural epiosde.  This episode was also airing opposite The World Series which garnered 12.24 million total viewers along with a 3.6 ratings with adults 18 to 49.

Bloody scene opens this week's episode. “What's the Matter” Milo Greene is playing on an iPod. Sam and Dean come in and find the carnage. Something is painted on the walls. Sam notices a laptop with a note that says play me. They start watching and it says “This should have never ended this way...”

They start watching the movie which features two college losers that are commenting about what kind of movie to make. The video an attractive young ladym and she notices them and comes over. She also has a camera.  Kate and Michael are soon dating.

They are back at the dinner discussing movies.  She's given him a lense. Michael knows nothing about Brian's camera.  

Kate wants to go to law school. Brain says he'd like to work for HBO or maybe be like Michael Moore. Michael thinks they're both wimpy. He wants to be on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

The film cuts to a college English class discussing The Lord of the Flies and Piggy on the island that Michael sleeps through.  We over hear that Simon was a Christ figure. Someone comes along and knocks down Brain and it sounds like hurt the camera. Michael stands up to the guy and calls him a name. Next, the girl shoots some footage of a crime scene where someone was murdered on campus. Meanwhile, we see Sam and Dean arrive at the scene.  Brain calls them “Starsky and Hutch," while Michael comes up with "Rizzoli and Isles."  Agents Rose and Hudson, Sam and Dean, learn about Jacob Carter who was attacked.  The upstairs neighbor heard the attack and found the body. She heard a growl.

Michael has loaded "What's The Matter" on his iPod.  They see Sam and Dean again. Sam doesn't think that there's a case here. Michael thinks they are having a workplace romance. They see the guy from earlier, Scottie, and he making out with a girl against some bleachers. He's very aggressive and she pushes him away. They knock over a trash can and get chased. The camera is filming in night vision mode, and soon growling is heard.  Micheal is pulled up a tree. Brain finds Michael who is bloodied but still alive. Kate is still at the the apartment. They know that something bit Michael. There's lots of blood, but the bite is gone. Kate calls 911 but doesn't say anything.

Brain mentions that the doctor said he'd be fine. Michael has great power, and he pulls the door off. He holds Kate up with one hand. She suggest him getting bit by an alien. Brain suggest a mutant. Michael asks if he's a super hero now.

Brain thinks that he's finally found his movie. Michael's origin story. He sets up camera everywhere to film that. Brain soon confesses that he wants to be bitten as well so he can do what Michael does. Michael wants nothing to do with that. Brain doesn't want to be Piggy anymore.

Later someone comes to the door, and Kate and Michael make Brain answer the door, and it's the FBI agents Rose and Hudson.  They ask the standard questions.  Did they know the victim?  Did they notice anything unusual? Anyone getting bit? Sam leaves his card and instructs him to call them.  Sam and Dean go outside and continued to theorize another Mayan god? Is Michael an X-File? Kate plays them the video and of Sam and Dean and Michael thinks he's a god now.

Michael wakes up in the middle of the night and looks in the mirror and we see him transforming into a werewolf. He doesn't hurt Kate. Then we cut to him eating and drinking a lot in the kitchen.
We are now shown video from four frat boys who were patrolling for the wild animal that killed someone. Micheal disappears and is seen running away. They follow him into the woods. Scottie talks trash about Kate, and then hears growling. Michael attacks him.

Brain talks with Kate and she says that at first she was afraid of him, but she thinks it's been pretty hot. Michael comes in bloody. In the shower, Kate asks how he was. Michael says that he says he thinks he killed Scott. Brain asks about what was on his hands.

Scott Parker's body attracts Sam and Dean. The heart was ripped out and eaten mostly. Brain confronts Michael about eating his heart. Kate says this was self defense. Michael punches him across the room. Michael is then crying in bed. Brain survived. He wants to call the police. She just wants answers. They follow Sam and Dean to the coroners. The coroner says that it appears to be animal attack, but the largest animal on record is a raccoon. There was a similar case about 10 years ago. Brain finds Kate and Michael with the GPS in their phones. Kate wants him to hack into the surveillance feed so they can spy on Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean continue their research. They talk about a werewolf. They can transform before during and after the lunar cycle. Their hunting a werewolf probably a few down from an alpha. Michael is upset that the FBI says that he's a werewolf. Kate doesn't think they're FBI. They also talked about how they were apart for a year. Brain reviews the tape of Michael's attack and he finds something. He goes out to investigate alone, since Micheal and Kate slammed the bedroom door. Brain found something in the woods. Brain confronts one of the professors and says he knows what he is.

Michael is at home.  "Barricades" by The Outdoors is playing in the background.

Kate and Michael are planning to leave. Brian says that he took care of it. He confronted the professor and about being a werewolf. He openly asks him to turn him into a werewolf. Brain has a sliver knife. He is right. The professor admits to eating human hearts, but he had controlled the hunger for a long time, before he fell off the wagon. He ate animal hearts instead.  He ate Carter because he was weak. Brain tells the prof that the hunters are here. Brain figured he needed a patsy. Brain is sick of being Piggy, he wants to be Ralph.

Sam and Dean kill the werewolf prof with a silver bullet. Brain is proud of himself. Michael is upset about the camera. Kate didn't want this, they wanted to leave.

Brain says he was hiding behind Michael, and he's done. Michael didn't want to hurt Brain. Michael remembers acting Scott and eating the heart, and how sweet it was. The boys fight over Kate. Michael gets the advantage it seems, but Brain stabs him with a silver knife. Michael died.

Kate is very angry. Brain wants to bite her and turn her. He bites her. Kate is upset as she should be. Kate breaks the bathroom to pieces. She seems happier and comes out. She then attacks and kill Brain. Kate finishes the movie, and she doesn't understand all that happens. Michael and the rest weren't always monsters. Kate leaves and says that they'll never hear from her again. She says I've never hurt anyone, no one human anyway. The end of the movie.

Sam and Dean continue to look around the rest of the opening credits running now, which is odd. Dean says they should give her a shot. Sam grabs the hard drive. Dean asks if he really says awesome a lot.

He plus the iPod back in. they leave, and Kate is walking off into the sunset.   
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