Supernatural Season 8 Episode 3 “Heartache” Recap

This week's episode of Supernatural Season 8 Episode 3 “Heartache”, had 2.19 viewers with 1 million viewers in the all important 18-49 demographic. The overall viewers was down from the previous week's 2.588 million, but remained steady with the 18-49 demographic.

The episode opens in Minneapolis, MN with a man jogging down a dirt road in what appears to be a rural area for a big city, maybe a park. A big guy in an orange shirt, runs past him, and then stops in front of him on the path.  When the jogger stops, the his heart is ripped out Temple of Doom style by the larger man in the orange shirt.

Sam has taken Dean to a farmer's market to get a organic apple.  Dean reads story about heart being ripped out. Six months ago the same thing happened, and so Dean deduces that this must be some sort of ritual.  Sam doesn't want to leave the case they're already on, finding Kevin.  The past week they haven't made any headway.  Dean says that they will do what they do and find Kevin at the same time, because they cannot ignore cases like this.

Pictured (L-R): Alan Ackles as Detective Pike and
Jensen Ackles as Dean.  Credit: Liane Hentscher/
The CW -- ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved
Sam and Dean pose as Feds and speak to local law enforcement.  The jogger was in town for a conference and was not robbed, but his heart pull out like a peach pit. The police didn't get anywhere on the previous case six months ago.  The park surveillance camera video shows the chubby Paul Haze run by. They police brought him in for questioning, and they didn't find anything in his past.

They go to Paul's house, who's making a smoothie. He tells them what he told the police.  Paul goes into his past of having a health scare about a year ago, and now he's taking care of himself because his body is his temple.  They did not find anything unusual at Paul's house. Dean finds another heart story about a missing heart in Ames, IA.  Sam rules out Paul with the logic that he was here being questioned.  

The man in Iowa was a police officer, Arthur Swinson. This is following the same pattern as one year earlier.  Swinson served for 20 years on the police force.  His victim delivered a pizza to his house and was found missing his heart on the front walk of Swinson's home.  Swinson was on the front stoop covered in blood crying like a baby. He had been in court all week, so he could not have killed the jogger in Minnesota.
Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Paul Boyle as Arthur.
Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW
©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

When Sam and Dean go to interrogate Arthur, he is mumbling in another language, and he keeps repeating the same phrase. Sam records his ramblings.  Dean does the holy water test for demons, and Swinson is not possessed.  Arthur is unable to speak to them in an intelligible language. Later that evening, we she Arthur in his jail cell apparently gaining great strength, He broke off part of the metal bed and raised it towards his face. The camera cuts away and we hear a yell.

Sam listening to the recording of the babbling.  Dean mentions that he bought a translation app, which surprises Sam.  The language shows up as unknown. Swinson severed the optic nerve to remove the eye. The doctor said he was determined. His vision was saved by a transplant approximately one year ago.  Dean wants to trace the donor. Paul also had a transplant. Dean asks the doctor if she could track down the organ donor.  Sam sent the audio to Dr. Morrison who helped them last season with the Amazons.  The next heart attack should be in Boulder, CO.   In Boulder, we see a man in a back alley named Jake, he talks with a stripper Randa.  Jake appears to be the bad guy, but no the lady rips out his heart instead. 

Dean is happy to be on the hunt again with Sam. Dean has a new perspective. He's at his best on crazy street.  Dean receives a call from the doctor in Ames. He learns Paul's kidney and Arthur's eye came from Brick Holmes, a famous quarterback who played for many years. There were a total of eight people who received his organs from Holmes.
Back in Colorado, we see that Randa is eating Jake's heart, and a red mist fills the room and then enters her. She now has red glowing eyes.

The next day, Sam and Dean speak with Mrs. Holmes. Sam talks about the accomplishments with 7 division championship, 4 Super Bowls, over 18 seasons. Sam asks about his organ donation. She said Brick never thought he was going to die. She seems strange, and says that it was an accident. We learn that Brick was not married. He gave the game everything. Dean asks if she noticed any changes in his behavior, and Mrs. Holmes said no.  She has to go the university for a athletic building naming. Sam and Dean leave and she watches. The killer from the previous evening, Randa was upstairs she had in through the back. She wanted to ensure Mrs. Holmes is still being careful. Randa received Brick's heart, and she is saying that she wants to protect Mrs. Holmes, but it came across as a threat.

Sam speaks with Dr. Morrison, and they learn that language was ancient Mayan. The phrase is translated as “The divine god Cacao is born." He was the Mayan god of corn, since corn most important thing to Mayans. Phoenix is the next place where a organ was transplanted. No one has the seen the man in three days. Sam has applied to a college, as he looks at his objects.

Sam and Dean break into Mrs. Holmes house. They search the master bedroom first.  Dean finds some hair dye. Sam found what appears to be Eleanor's closet. They ask if she moved into Brick's room? Dean even makes a suggestion of incest.  Dean finds a secret room behind the closet's back wall. There is a man cave with a lot of sports memorabilia and weapons. He's got all sorts of things including a box of letters written to Betsy. These letters include references to all sorts of things. Such as boxing Sugar Ray Robinson who was a boxer in the 40s and 50s, playing the Red Sox, driving in the LeMans, playing the Phillies, playing the Dodgers, going to Madison Square Garden, and an opponent Allen Prost, a French race car driver from 1980-1991 and 1993. All signed love Me. The most recent one said that he was so tired of it all.

Sam is soon able to determine that this guy was the same guy that played at least for different sports for at least 70 years as a Boxer (Kelly Durand), Race Car Driver (Charles Carnes), Baseball player (Davey Samuelson), and Football player (Brick Holmes).
Dean researches and learns that the Mayans were all about war, torture and sports. They killed their victims by pulling out the hearts and eating it.  Does he go back to the Mayan days?  Has Brick Holmes heart eating been spread to all the people who received his organs?

Sam and Dean go back to speak with Eleanor and learn that his Mayan name was Inyo, and that he was a proud athlete nearly 1,000 years ago. She mentions his bargain with Cacao
  and the sacrifices that had to occur twice a year. She loved him so much that she ignored how he stayed young. She became the mother when she got into her 40s. When he saw that Eleanor's life would soon be over, he committed suicide because he did not want to live without Eleanor/Betsy.  Brick said that the heart was the key. If they stop the heart, they will stop the whole thing.

Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam
Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW
©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.
The heart is of course in stripper Randa who works at the Bunny Hole.  Dean picks the lock and they enter. As they near the stage, the lights come on and the heart eater walks out.  She has back up from Paul from Minnesota and the missing guy from Phoenix.  Randa was a shy awkward little thing from Georgia with a heart condition, but now she's a warrior princess.  She says that scarifying to a Cacao is better than sex.  Dean stabs the crazy stripper, and she starts glowing red and her two minions die, and she collapses dead on the stage.

Sam and Dean return to Eleanor and let her know that it was over. She was okay with either outcome if they succeeded or not. The guys drive away with a win. Dean likes feeling like a warrior, but Sam doesn't get it anymore. Sam wants to walk away once they close the case with Kevin and the tablet. Sam had a normal life the year he took off, and he wants it back.  We see a flashback to Amelia playing hide and seek in a garden. She has a picnic and a birthday cake for him on a blanket, with their dog.  Sam smiles as he remembers his birthday, and the episode ends.

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