Supenatural 8.02 What's Up Tiger Mommy? Recap

Supernatural returned this week continuing the adventures of Sam, Dean and the prophet of God, Kevin Tran attempting to regain the word of God tablet about demons.  This week's episode gained viewers over the season premiere with 2.588 million total viewers, up 738,000 viewers, and 1 million viewers with the 18-49 category  up 200,000 viewers.  The premiere episode was only network show pitted against the first 2012 Presidential Debate.

Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam
Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW  © 2012 The CW Network.
This episode opens in Chicago, IL and we were introduced to Mr. Vili, an elderly gentleman with the very first safety deposit box at the bank.  He reclaims an apparently magical bone and kills a young female bank employee.

Kevin is worried about his mother, and although Dean thinks that they are walking into a trap he begrudgingly agrees to go to Neighbor, MI, which is a full day's drive out of their way.  They are able to observe Mrs. Tran through the window, and they see the odd behavior of the demon possessed mailman and gardener.  Dean unplugs the water hose and kills the gardening demon. The mailman demon gets ambushed by Sam. Kevin's mom, Linda, is being comforted by a friend. Kevin knocks on the door and Sam and dean dose her with holy water to make sure she isn't possessed and was not; however, her friend was possessed.  Sam stops the demon from escaping and Dean kills it with the knife.  Sam later says that he did the reverse exorcism, by saying the verse backwards.

Linda is told about what happened to her son and what Crowley is up to.  She handles this information very well and wants to tag along on their trip.  Sam tries to help her understand, but she's worried about Kevin's soul not her own.  A hex bag, used to hide their location, and a tattoo, sealing their body from being possessed, were requirements for both Kevin and Lina before they could seek the tablet of God.

The foursome get to a bus station that appears to be clean, but when they open a locker, the word of God has been replaced by a diaper bag.  Sam and Dean posing as Feds speak with the security guard who explains that these lockers were broken into everyday for a while, and yesterday they learned it was Clem Smedley, the previous desk worker, who is in county lock-up. 

Sam and Dean interrogate him about the tablet.  Dean flashbacks to purgatory.  When Benny and Dean are trying to get answers from a creature/demon.  Smedley must remind Dean of this mutt, as we quickly flashback to the real world, and Dean starts choking this guy. Dean appears to enjoy the torture, and flashes back and forth.  In purgatory, Dean learns that if he follows the stream for two days he will find Castiel in a clearing.  Dean then kills the mutt.  In the real world, Dean learns that the tablet was taken to a pawn shop on 1st and main, and Dean does not kill the thief.

The Winchester along with Kevin and his mom go to the pawn shop with a 2010 Ferrari out front. Agents Neil and Sixx inquire about the tablet sold to him by a thief named Klem Semdley.  Linda is very helpful, and with threats about taxes, they get the tablet's last known location.  When the group arrives an room 129 at an on motel, a man dressed old school walks up and knows who all of them are. He is working for Plutus the god of greed, and he has an invitation to auction where they'll be selling the tablet. This location has no casting or cursing policy.  After a brief conversation, he adds Kevin plus three to the guest list.

Sam wants to try to get Kevin close enough to the tablet so he can attempt to memorize the spell.  As they enter the auction site, Dean sets off the alarm with his box full of weapons, including Ruby's knife.  In addition to the word of God, Davinci's Notebook, and Thor's Hammer are also up for auction. They find the tablet which has been covered up.

Crowley is also attending the auction.  Linda slaps him.  Plutus arrives and head to the auction room.  An angel arrives in an kid named Alfie's body, and he says that he trying to protect the word of God.  He says some still believe that Castiel's heart was in the right place.  This angel believes too much heart was Casitel's problem.

Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean, Ty Olsson as Benny, and Misha Collins
as Castiel Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW © 2012 The CW Network.
Another flashback to purgatory, this time we see Castiel kneeling down by a river.  Dean find him and introduces Benny.  Castiel says that he is sane again, and eventually he shares that he just ran away and left Dean with the gorilla wolves. Dean prayed to Cas every night  and Cas knew it. Cas said his running trying to stay ahead of the Leviathans was to keep them away from Dean.

The first item is an amulet that sells for five five tons of drawfen gold.  Dean goes to the restroom and sees some interesting activity. A large man takes some of the items into a vault. Dean goes to pick the lock. Two other men are inside and he walks away.

Mr. Vili bids the finger of the frost giant Emear & 5/8ths of a virgin and for Thor's hammer Mj√∂lnir.  Crowley and Samandriel get into a bidding war for the tablet.  Crowley bids three billion dollars.  Samandriel the Mona Lisa.  Crowley bid the real Mona Lisa where's she's topless.  Samandriel bids Vacation City.  Crowley tries to bid Alaska, and it is rejected.  He then bids the moon.  He made a deal with Buzz.

The auctioneer adds Kevin Tran to the lot to up the bidding. She offers her soul.  Samandriel stops bidding.  Crowley tries to bid his soul which he doesn't have, and thus Linda wins the tablet and her son.

Dean thinks this is a small price to pay. Mr Vili gets Thor's hammer. Just as Plutus is about to collect Linda's soul. We learn that she has been possessed by Crowley with the red eyes of a crossroad demon instead of black eyes of a regular demon.  Plutus' right hand man helped Crowley and burned the tattoo off Linda. Plutus is killed along with one of his security team. Crowley steals the tablet and runs off. Dean chases after. Sam uses Thor's hammer to the kill Plutus' right hand man, who was about to shot Kevin. Sam also kills Mr. Vili.

Dean catches Crowley, who drops the tablet and escapes the body of Linda. Crowley appears and grabs the tablet, and monologues about what he learned from Linda about closing the gates of hell and about Kevin's real dad. He tells Kevin to run from the Winchesters.

Linda seems to be in a state of shock. Kevin is mad, that Dean tried to kill her, and doesn't want to hear any more speeches. They leave the room. Dean didn't knife him because of the meat suit he was in. They go back inside the room and it is empty. There's a note that says that they bolted. Kevin thinks that people Dean doesn't need anymore end up dead.

The episode ends with a flashback to Castiel yelling for help from Dean allowing him to slide back down.

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