Supernatural Season 8 Episode 1 We Need to Talk About Kevin Recap

Supernatural opened it's eighth season on Wednesday with a strong episode which continued one year after the events of the season seven finale, but filled in some of the gaps via flashbacks.

Dean survived that time in purgatory with all the monsters and was finally able to escape with the help of a stowaway vampire Benny.  He returned to earth in the 100 mile Wilderness in Maine and soon made his way to Clayton, Louisiana to help the vampire magically regain his body.

Sam did not search from Dean when he disappeared after killing the leader of the Leviathans.  He took the year off from hunting, and he spent his time with his dog and his girl, Amelia, in Texas.  Sam also ignored the pleas for help from the prophet, Kevin Tran (Osric Chau).  

Credit: Ed Araquel/The CW
The Winchesters are reunited in a cabin in Whitefish, Montana.  They soon go in search of the prophet that had to fend for himself over the last year.  Sam uses Kevin's last voice mail to track him to Centreville, MI, where his high school girlfriend, Channing (Lissa Neptuno) is attending college and is also now demon possessed.  After Sam and Dean ask a few questions in her dorm room, she slits her roommate's throat to call Crowley to let him know that Dean is back.

Credit: Ed Araquel/The CW
Sam uses his detective skills and computer hacking skills to track the prophet to a coffee shop in Fairfeild, IA.  Someone at the coffee shop leads them to an abandoned church where they find Tran.  During the year, Tran doubled crossed Crowley who had taken him hostage to read another tablet of the word of God.  On this tablet with information about demons, Tran learns a spell to kill demons and also learns that there is a way to send all the demons to hell and close hell's gates forever.

Three of Crowley's demons show up and are quickly dispatched by the Winchesters.  Crowley and the demon possessed ex-girlfriend then arrive.  Tran provides a distraction with a large amount of holy water, and he and the Winchesters are able to get away.  As they drive by, Crowley tells the demon to find a new host and then breaks Channing's neck.

Tran is in shock it seems.  Dean tells the others that he received a call from a telemarketer, but it was actually the stowaway vampire, Benny.  Both of the them miss the purity of purgatory, and something is going on here. 

Season eight has not been announced as the last season, but a season long story arc about closing the gates of hell forever, seems like a good way to end the series.

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