TV Veterans Coming to Falling Skies Season 3

Stephen Collins "Benjamin Hathaway"

Falling Skies casting news has been breaking over the past few weeks, and several new faces that are notable TV veterans have been cast for season 3.

TV Guide reported recently that Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) "will appear in the fourth episode of Skies' third season as Benjamin Hathaway, who served as the President of the United States prior to the alien invasion.  The character is described as a confident man exuding charisma who has been forced into combat against the aliens. Stationed in Colorado, he has been sending out sniper teams all over the nation to locate survivors. He wants to meet Tom (Noah Wyle) to see how he and the 2nd Mass have been winning the war against the outer space creatures."

Robert Sean Leonard "Roger Kadar"
Robert Sean Leonard (House) will appear in five episodes.  Deadline reported that Leonard will "play Roger Kadar, PhD, an obsessive but gifted scientist who runs Charleston’s power grid and lives underground with his pet rats. The children of New Charleston, intrigued by his cool science toys and unusual pets, eventually dub him 'The Rat King.'”

Gloria Reuben (ER) will also appear five episodes next season.  Deadline reported that Reuben will "play Marina Perlata, an aide to Wyle’s Tom Mason, who has been one of the leaders from the human resistance movement against an invading alien force. Attractive and a very put together woman, Marina is extremely intelligent and her political knowledge and experience could prove extremely helpful to Tom."

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