My Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

As the new season of Walking Dead moves further into season five.  I have complied a list of my favorite episodes of the first four seasons of the post-apocalyptic zombie series.  My list shows that the second half of season two is my favorite run of episodes, with three of the top four picks coming from the end of that season.  I added a very brief highlight of the episode that made me enjoy these episodes.

10.  Chupacabra (Season 2: Episode 5)
Merle appears to Daryl in a vision while he's fighting for his life.

9.  Vatos (Season 1: Episode 4)
Rick and the gang run into some guys in Atlanta that at first seem to be a street gang, but they turn out to be caring for elderly people at a nursing home.

8.  The Grove (Season 4: Episode 14)
Standout episode in the latter half of season 4 with the two creepy girls that Carol was attempting to help survive.  As we all know, this didn't end well, but it was interesting television drama.

7.  Made to Suffer (Season 3: Episode 8)
The mid-season finale of season three.  A rescue mission to Woodbury goes wrong and Daryl gets left behind.  The episode ends with the Governor telling Merle and Daryl they'll have to fight to the death.

6.  Killer Within (Season 3: Episode 3)
T-Dog and Lori are no more, except for force ghost Lori who appears to crazy Rick.

5.  Internment (Season 4: Episode 5)
The sickness has wreaked havoc in the prison, and Hershel Greene was awesome in this episode.

4.  Beside the Dying Fire (Season 2: Episode 13)
The farm burns and the group is briefly scattered apart.  Michonne and the prison appear for the time near the end of the episode.

3.  18 miles Out (Season 2: Episode 10)
Rick and Shane go head to head in a fight after they can't decide what to do with Randall.

2.  Better Angels (Season 2: Episode 12)
Shane is killed by Rick. Zombie Shane is shot by Carl.

1.  Pilot (Season 1: Episode 1)
Awesome introduction to the characters and the situation that they find themselves engulfed in.
Rick riding into Atlanta and the ending with Rick inside the tank are iconic moments for the series.

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